Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Corydoras Sterbai spawn. (Cory Spawn 2)

Corydoras Sterbai                                                                                           Spawn Date: 18/04/2014
 Male size: 1.5"
Number of males: 4
Age: Unknown (purchased 2013)
Source: Captive bred
Female size: 2.5"
Number of females: 2
Age: Unknown (purchased Jan 2014)
Source (Unknown)

Tank Size:  85cm, 125l
Water Parameters: Ph 6.6, Temperature 26c.
Tank Furnishings: Planted with lots of bogwood, Lavarock and mosses. Filtered by a Fluval U3 internal filter.
Diet: Twice daily feeds, AM Dr Bassleer Biofish food "Forte" (54% protein), PM Frozen Bloodworm or Daphnia. 
Spawning Details: Spawn began immediately after a 20l water change, dropping the temperature to 24c. There was eggs attached to plants, moss and glass. However once the eggs hatched the fry were all C.Aeneus which I didn't notice spawning at the same time. Whilst watching I only witnessed the Sterbai attaching their eggs to plants and moss. There couldn't of been many C.Sterbai eggs. 

Female searching for somewhere to place eggs, with two males in hot pursuit: 
You can see this female clutching a single egg between her ventral fins: