Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Corydoras Napoensis spawn (Cory spawn 3)

Corydoras Napoensis                                                                               Spawn date: 26/06/2014
 Number of males: 2
Size: 1.5"
Age: Unknown (purchased June 2013)
Source: Maidenhead Aquatics. Unknown if wild or captive bred.
Number of females: 1
Size: 1.5"
Age: Unknown (purchased June 2013)
Source: Same as males. 

Tank Size: 2ft x 2ft, 160ltrs
Water Parameters: Ph 7.2; Temperature 27.3c/ 82.4f Note: This is higher than I'd usually keep this species. Temperature was high due to some untypical hot British weather!
Tank furnishings: Natural planted tank with wood, rocks, plants and floating plants. 
Diet: Twice daily feeds. Am Dr Bassleer Biofish Food "forte" (54% protein); PM Frozen Bloodwork/ Daphnia. 

Spawning details: Did not witness much of the spawn, just the female clutching eggs. All eggs were placed to a plant, Sagittaria Subulata. The eggs were approximately 1mm in size. I recovered 12 eggs, however there is a possibility there was more due to the Napo's sharing a tank with other Corys and Rosy Tetras (Hyphessobrycon Rosaceus). The eggs were removed to a small pot, with an airstone and a small amount of anti-fungus. The spawn produced no fry. I believe the spawn trigger was a change in the weather, going from being sunny (28c or so) to cloudy and very humid/ muggy with rain showers. 
Eggs. This cluster has 4 eggs in:

Corydoras Napoensis are among my favourite Corys. I soon plan to set up a small tank specifically for them with leaf litter and some floating plants to hopefully encourage a spawn with viable eggs.